Bridal Saree Kuchu


Saree Tassels also referred as Saree Kuchu is a traditional form of handcrafting beautiful frills & embellishments to the silk saree pallu..

Saree tasselling, an hobby that we inherited from our moms was revived to suit the current fashion trend and labelled under the brand name Krishne™ at Bengaluru, India.


Krishne’s saree tassels are inspired by the royal motifs in the silk sarees and offers more than 150 designs to choose from. All tassels are meticulously handcrafted using premium silk yarn and uniquely stringed together to complement your beautiful sarees.

Krishne, an art startup exclusively for the the women.. 

Bridal Saree Kuchu Design

Saree Tassel Kuchu

The collection includes traditional kuchu, crochet patterns and designer saree tassels.

Krishne's exclusive **designer collection** kuchus have always been a favourite choice among our patrons.

Price ranges between ₹500 ~ ₹5500

At Krishne, we feel privileged to pursue this age old tradition of handcrafting saree kuchus and have tasselled more than 7000 sarees.

Saree Kuchu Lace.jpg

Saree Kuchu Lace

The trendy **ready to stitch** saree kuchu lace was FIRST designed and introduced by Krishne for the benefit of tassel lovers residing far away from Bengaluru.

We take pride in fulfilling the tassel desire of several women residing in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of India through these saree kuchu laces.

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Saree Kuchu Workshop

Krishne has been instrumental in promoting this traditional craft through the saree kuchu making workshops.

More than 750 women from far away districts of Karnataka & neighbouring states have learnt this beautiful craft of saree kuchu making through the workshops conducted at Krishne, Bengaluru.

Business Hours..

Monday ~ Saturday : 10am to 6pm

Call : 9916253832

Location: #12 Krishna Jayam, Lakshmi Road , 8th Cross, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027, India

please call us on 9916253832 and preschedule your visit

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