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Saree Kuchu Workshop

Saree kuchu(crochet designs) making workshop from Krishne is conducted in 3 levels at Shanthinagar, Bengaluru.


Your health & well being is very important, hence our next workshop will be conducted based on the situation around the Covid-19 control.

Regular workshop is for 7 days

Weekend workshop is for 4 days

All tasseling materials, threads, beads and print outs related to tassel making will be provided..
Fees (inclusive of all 3 levels) - ₹ 4500


** Limited to 30 participants **
For more information about the workshop:

- Please scroll down to read the FAQ section

- Call us on 9916253832

- Write to us:

- Follow our Facebook & Instagram page 

Krishne Saree Kuchu Class

Level 1 : Beginner Kuchu Workshop

Fees - ₹ 500

You will be learning the basics of Crochet i.e the process of interlocking loops of silk threads using a crochet hook. 
We understand that each individuals learning abilities vary and hence the training progresses only after completion of the respective level by that individual.

Saree Kuchu Workshop

Level 2 : Intermediate Kuchu Workshop

Fees - ₹ 1500

After practising the basic of Crochet in level 1, you will be learning eight moderate designs of saree kuchu making in this level.
You are encouraged to practise at your own speed, the course progresses as you get well verse in crochet saree kuchu making.

Krishne Saree Kuchu Class2.jpg

Level 3 : Advanced Kuchu Workshop

Fees - ₹ 2500

Now that you have mastered the craft of crochet kuchu making, you will be learning eight GRAND designs of crochet saree kuchus in this level.
These eight designs are from Krishne's signature tassel kuchu collection with a combination of crochet and glitter beads.

We’re Here to Help

Frequently Asked Questions

I would love to learn but have no idea about Crochet or Kuchu, can I still attend the workshop?

Ofcourse Yes, Krishne’s saree kuchu making workshop is customised into three levels i.e Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to suit all individuals willing to learn this traditional craft.
Infact majority of the women attending our workshop start from level 1, that is for Beginners.

We have been conducting workshops since March 2015 and have trained more than 800 women through 38 saree kuchu making workshops as of February 2020.

I am busy during the workshop dates notified by Krishne, can I attend on any other day that works for me ?

Can you explain the workshop fees structure and the mode of payment?

Saree Kuchu making workshop(only crochet designs) is conducted at Krishne periodically in three levels i.e Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to suit all individuals. 

Workshop Fees : ₹ 4500 (inclusive of all 3 levels)

Level 1: is for beginners to learn the basics of Crochet i.e the process of chain stitch, interlocking to the fabric, learning the double and the triple crochet stitches etc using a crochet hook. Fees: ₹ 500

Level 2: is for the individuals well verse with Crochet, Eight moderate designs of saree kuchu making will be taught in this intermediate level. Fees: ₹ 1500

Level 3: is for all those ‘would be’ experts to master the craft of crochet saree kuchu, Eight advanced designs of saree kuchu with a combination of crochet and glitter beads will be taught in this level. Fees: ₹ 2500

All tasseling materials, silk threads, beads and print outs related to kuchu making will be provided.

Fees can be paid in the form of Cash, Netbanking or Paytm.

I already know the basics of Crochet, can I directly start from level 2?

Yes, you can get started from level 2 or 3 as per your ability in tassel making and pay only for the levels that you pick to learn.

I would like to attend the workshop, how do I confirm my participation?

Please call on 9916253832 and confirm your participation by paying ₹500 (payment details will be shared with you over the phone)

I am residing far away from your location, can you conduct a workshop near my locality?

Krishne is currently located at Shanthinagar, Bengaluru and hence the workshop is conducted only from this location. 

Moreover..women from Tamilnadu, AP ,Telangana, Goa and other districts of Karnataka make all the efforts to learn saree kuchu making at Krishne..hence conducting else where or online is not possible.

However, you could be the one to learn from your local area & offer saree kuchu making classes in your locality or online..

I am planning to attend your workshop over the weekend, will that make any difference?

Krishne’s weekend kuchu making workshop is mainly suited for the women busy during the weekdays. 
The course structure, levels and the fees remains the same for Regular as well as the Weekend workshop, the difference will be the timings and the overall duration i.e
Regular Workshop: 7 days - Monday to Sunday (1pm to 5pm) = 28 hours
Weekend Workshop: 4 days - Two consecutive Saturdays and Sundays (10am to 5pm) = 28 hours
While more than 95% of the women attending the regular workshop tend to complete all the three levels in one go, Women attending the weekend workshop will need two weekend workshops to complete all the three levels.

What if I already paid the workshop fees but could not complete the levels that I paid for?

No worries, We understand that each individuals learning abilities vary and our daily schedules can change in the last minute.
You will be notified on the next forthcoming workshop schedules and encouraged to complete the workshop levels that you have paid no extra cost within a year.

No, please plan to attend our next forthcoming workshop instead.
At Krishne, We mainly cater to the saree kuchu orders and kuchu making workshop has been our endeavour to encourage more women to learn this traditional craft as an hobby or help them towards their self empowerment.
Hence, the workshop is conducted periodically considering that lot of effort is needed along with managing our saree kuchu orders.

Can you conduct this workshop online i.e through skype etc,..?

We have experienced that this craft form is best suited to learn in person and hence do not conduct online classes.

Although, we would like to share that some of the crafters have learnt the basics of crochet tasselling through blogs, youtube videos etc.. and have attended our TWO days weekend workshop in person to learn our signature kuchu designs.

Can you teach me the kuchu designs from your Designer Collection..?

Wish we could.., Krishne's designer tassel kuchus are crafted using a combination of handcraft techniques like Aari, Hand Embroidery, Zardozi etc. These are complicated kuchu designs that typically need involvement of several crafters and also time consuming, hence the designer kuchus are not taught during the workshop.

You may still learn each of the mentioned craft forms from other craft tutors or through the YouTube videos and fulfill your desire of crafting the designer kuchus.

How can I get notified on the forthcoming saree kuchu making workshops from Krishne?

You may follow us on Facebook ( or Instagram( for regular updates on our forthcoming workshop and latest tassel kuchu designs or alternatively call us for more details.

I have a different question to ask..

Sure, please go to our Contact section and type in your queries or alternatively whatsapp or call us on 9916253832

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