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At Krishne, you can choose from 150 saree kuchu designs and the collection includes crochet kuchu patterns, designer kuchus, traditional saree kuchu, saree pallu edgings and a combination of all these kuchu forms.

Price ranges between ₹500 ~ ₹6000.

Krishne's saree kuchus have always been a favourite choice among women and we feel privileged to have handcrafted kuchus for more than 8000 silk sarees.

Call or Whatsapp 9916253832 for any assistance needed..

Crochet Kuchu Collection

 Signature Designs

Price Range : ₹ 500 ~ 2000

Designer Kuchu Collection

 Contemporary Designs

Price Range : ₹ 1200 ~ 6000

Traditional Kuchu Collection

 Simple & Ethnic Designs

Price Range : ₹ 500 ~ 1500

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Frequently Asked Questions

I liked Krishne’s saree kuchu work, how to place an order?


# Clients within Bangalore: 

Choose a tassel kuchu design from the above images & dunzo or drop in your sarees with us in person.

Feel free to whatsapp or call on 9916253832 incase of any queries..

# Clients from outside Bangalore:


You may either courier us the sarees to be tasselled or choose the ‘easy to stitch’ tassel lace option.

The tassel lace is custom-crafted as per your saree colours & delivered to your doorstep.

Kindly click to select a tassel lace design for your saree.

Feel free to whatsapp or call on 9916253832 incase of any queries..

How much does a saree kuchu cost ? 

Krishne offers more than 150 kuchu designs to choose from, each and every saree kuchu is handcrafted to complement your beautiful sarees. 

The cost varies between ₹ 500 ~ ₹ 6000 per design and is based on the intricate handicraft efforts needed, yarn, bead work, glitters etc

Are the saree kuchus readily available?

Wish we could do that.
Each and every silk saree is unique with its own colour combination, motifs, pallu length etc that we prefer to first look at all these parameters in a saree and only then custom-handcraft a complimenting kuchu.

Hence your saree kuchus are crafted only after noting down your customised requirements and is made to order.

I would like to place an order for a saree kuchu, may I know the time taken for delivery?

At Krishne, Saree kuchus are custom-handcrafted and will need 3 ~ 12 days per saree based on the design. 

However please note that the delivery date depends on our current workload & at times..extends to 2~4 weeks during wedding/festive season. 

So, please block the dates in advance if you are planning to add these beautiful delights to your sarees & avoid any disappointment.

I have a different question to ask..

​Sure,please go to our contact section and type in your queries or alternatively whatsapp or call us on 9916253832 (quick and easy).


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