Saree Tassel Lace

Custom Crafted | Easy to Stitch | Shipped Worldwide

At Krishne, each & every tassel lace is custom handcrafted to suit your saree colour shades and match the pallu length of the saree. Hence the laces are NOT readily available for purchase and is crafted ONLY after an order is placed.

Although Krishne offers more than 150 tassel designs, we have displayed only those designs here that can be crafted on a lace & shipped to your door step.

The cost varies between ₹ 500 ~ ₹ 5000 per design.

Choose the tassel lace design from the below collection & refer the FAQ section to place the order.

Crochet Kuchu Lace

 Signature Designs

Price Range : ₹ 500 ~ 1800

Designer Tassel Lace

 Contemporary Designs

Price Range : ₹ 1200 ~ 5000

Traditional Kuchu Lace

 Simple, Baby & Table Designs

Price Range : ₹ 500 ~ 1500

Stitching Tassel Lace

 Simple & Easy

Stitch within 10 Minutes

We’re Here to Help

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘easy to stitch’ saree tassel lace ?

The revolutionary 'easy to stitch' saree tassel lace was FIRST designed and introduced by Krishne for the benefit of tassel lovers residing far away from Bengaluru who are not in a position to handover their sarees to us.

The chosen tassel design is custom handcrafted on a lace to match your saree colour shades, pallu length and shipped to your location.

On receiving this tassel lace, you may either get it stitched to the saree pallu by yourself or through a local dressmaker (tailor) in THREE easy steps in less than 10 minutes.

How do I choose a tassel lace design & know the price ?


Shortlisting the tassel lace designs:

Choose the tassel designs from the Crochet, Designer & Traditional collections listed under the above sections.

The colour shades can be customised to suit the saree or as per your requirement.

Know the price of the tassel lace design:

Message us your chosen tassel design images & we will reply with the price.

Whatsapp - +919916253832

or Email - 

or  Messenger - on Facebook / Instagram 

Shipping Charges:

Shipping charge is extra & will be the actuals as quoted by the courier vendors, our preferred courier vendor & the link to their delivery charges are as follows:

Within India -> DTDC

Outside India -> India Post

Please call on 9916253832 incase of queries.

How to order 'easy to stitch' tassel lace from Krishne..?


Simply follow the below 3 steps to shortlist the kuchu designs, know the price & place your orders:


Step 1 - Shortlisting the tassel lace designs & know the price:

Kindly refer the instructions explained in the above question.

Step 2 - Order Confirmation & Payment:

- Message us your shortlisted tassel design images along with the picture of your saree clicked in natural sunlight.

- We will note down your tassel requirement, reply with an estimated date of delivery & will also share the payment mode

- Mode of Payment: Online Banking / PayPal / PayTm / Google Pay  

Orders are considered "confirmed" after receiving the payment..since we custom-craft the saree tassels as per your requirement.

Step 3 -  Delivery

- We will share an image of your tassel lace after crafting

- We will keep you posted on the tassel lace shipment details (docket number etc) & coordinate until delivery


Please call on 9916253832 incase of queries.

How to stitch these tassel laces to a saree ? Can you share the detailed instructions ?

Sure.., you may either get these tassel laces stitched to the saree pallu by yourself or through a local dressmaker (tailor) in less than 10 minutes.

Kindly follow the instructions explained under the "Stitching Tassel Lace" section above, a short video about the same is in the making & we will soon share the YouTube link here.

I would like to place an order for a saree tassel lace, may I know the time taken for delivery?

At Krishne, each & every saree kuchu tassels are custom-handcrafted and will need 3 ~ 12 days per design based on the efforts needed. 

However please note that the delivery date depends on our current workload. So, please block the dates in advance if in case you are planning to add these beautiful delights to your sarees.

I would like to order another tassel design lace apart from the ones displayed on this page?

Although Krishne offers more than 150 tassel designs, some of these designs needs to be crafted directly on the saree while others can be crafted on an 'easy to stitch' tassel lace & later stitched to a saree. Hence we have displayed only those tassel designs on this page that can be crafted on a lace & shipped to your door step.

Hence, If opting for a tassel lace..please choose a tassel design from the collections listed above or alternatively consider couriering the saree to us for tasselling other designs.

Either ways, kindly contact us with your tassel requirements & we will guide you further.

Can I order tassel laces in bulk for resale purpose?

At Krishne, each & every Saree Tassel lace is custom handcrafted to suit the saree colour shades, motifs and exactly match the pallu length of the saree. Hence the laces cannot be crafted in bulk.

However if you are a boutique owner/designer from another city/country then kindly consider sharing the image of your clients saree along with its pallu length & we will be happy to craft a customised tassel lace that you can stitch to your clients sarees.

I have a different question to ask..

​Sure, please go to our contact section and type in your queries or alternatively call us on +919916253832 (quick and easy).


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